At Millner Co. we've just started a solidarity program against child poverty in Spain carried out by Unidos (a Save the Children collaboration company).

Save the children is a global organization dedicated to children with programs in Spain, is the leading independent organization in defense of children's rights around the world and has been working in Spain for over 20 years with programs to care for the most vulnerable children.

The three key programmes in Spain are:

  • Fight against child poverty
  • Refugee children
  • Violence against children

In Spain, 2,860,091 children live at risk of poverty and...

Nothing like feeling stylish at spring

Nothing like feeling stylish at spring

Spring is one of the most popular and loved season of the year, with it comes the good weather and flowers. In addition, we can't forget that spring makes us feel stylish and free.

There is nothing like the feeling of starting to wear thin sweaters and light colors on your clothes, but this means that we have to decorate ourselves with accessories. As a consequence, watches will be more visible because the wrist is uncovered.

Therefore, it is good to know the spring trends referring to watches.

As mentioned above, colors always remind...

Valentine’s Day: The best excuse to surprise with a watch

Valentine’s Day: The best excuse to surprise with a watch

We believe that love should be celebrated every day, but since February 14th is marked as the date of love in our calendars, there is no doubt that any couple will be happy with a little surprise.

This article will encourage you to buy a watch from the person you love the most.


Surprising somebody with a watch is a good idea as it is not only a beautiful and elegant accessory but it is also a functional gift that moves away from the clichés of buying any impersonal item.


Does your watch talk about you?

Does your watch talk about you?

The watch has become an indispensable complement in our daily life. In our company, we like to say that your watch is able to reveal features about your personality. We have no doubt that somebody’s watch election is a very difficult decision because the watch is a fashion item that has the power to project many aspects of our personality.

Watches have always been a symbol of distinction. The first watches were invented by the Egyptians with the goal of measure time. As time went by, watches became popular and its mechanism constantly improved until...

Watches: probably the best Christmas present

Watches are considered as one of the most popular complements. They make people feel and look better, and consequently, its demand has significantly increased during the last decade. Nowadays, the demand of watches is really sensitive to price, and consequently people look for nice and high quality watches at an affordable price.

In present time, a watch is considered a product with a high emotional link. Watches allow people to complete their outfit, as a result, people want to have a wide variety of watches.

The main objective of this article is to help you to choose a watch for...