Anita Matamoros 18 birthday party by Millner Co.

Anita Matamoros, daughter of the famous Spanish ex-couple Kiko Matamoros and Makoke celebrated a glamorous birthday party last July 28th, in a renowned disco in Madrid. 

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Even though it was the first time we could see a non pixeled face of the youngest daughter of Kiko Matamoros in the official media, Anita was already a celebrity in Instagram, counting with more than 300k followers.

The amount of renowned influencers which attended to the party will make it last in our social media for a long time and not for no reason! An hypnotist attended to the party, the cake included a sculpture replica of the influencer and Laura Matamoros, sister of the birthday girl finally decided to drop into the event besides the quarreling among them. 

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And finally but not less important, all the attendants of the party, as an icing on the already sweet cake, were pleasent with one of our watches (Mayfair Silver Black and Regents Silver One) for each person which will make them remember this special event every moment they decide to check their time on it’s wrist. 






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