Bulova Classic Aerojet: automatic watches for less than 400 euros

The Bulova Classic Aerojet is the bet of the North American brand in the battle for low-price mechanical watches. They are classic watches but with modern details to reach the new market segment.

It seems that the most affordable side of mechanical watchmaking is moving. So far only Seiko and its subsidiary Orient has understood that there is a demand for affordable mechanical watches. Seiko, after absorbing Orient, is focusing part of his business on the demand of electronic watches.


It is true that one of the entry barriers to offer reduced -price mechanical watches was ETA's monopoly, but during the last years the supply has increased and the brands can access other manufacturers.


Bulova does not specify what movement mechanism has used for these Classic Aerojet, but probably it is one of his range 8. They are automatic calibers that move 21,600 alternations per hour; despite the low frequency, they only get 40 hours of power reserve.

The fact of showing the steering wheel has two advantages: the first is that it animates a rather serious sphere with a constant movement. And we know that looking at the steering wheel is always fascinating.  The second advantage is that the sphere design conceals the absence of date, which is the most demanded feature in low-priced watches.


All in all, the Bulova Classic Aerojet is a good option if you want to enjoy a mechanical watch at an affordable price. The prices are 325 euros for the two basic versions and 385 euros for the superior version.  




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