Millner Co. The last bet: Equine world

In Millner Co. we are always betting for new challenges and goals that can represent us as the brand we are. That’s why Sakongo Reverter and his team have been our latest signing as he matches perfectly with our company main traits: entrepreneur, hard-working, brave and stylish.


Sakongo Reverter is part of the Reverter Sport Horses team. Together with his horse Apple and at only 20 years old, he has consecrated himself as a great professional rider in his city, Barcelona. Sakongo has won numerous distinctions thanks to his effort and enthusiasm. Many great events led us to take the decision to make the jockey part of our team, through the sponsorship of his daily training at the Real Barcelona Polo Club, as well as in their competitions.

For many decades, riders along with their horses and watches, have been linked to beauty, speed, elegance and personality. These qualities are driven daily by Millner Co.

We are very happy to announce this new collaboration and we can assure that it has been a great decision, since for the moment have exceeded our expectations.


Keep an eye out for the latest updates we have for you as our 2019 has just begun.


Thank you Sakongo Reverter for letting us be part of your team!