Nothing like feeling stylish at spring

Spring is one of the most popular and loved season of the year, with it comes the good weather and flowers. In addition, we can't forget that spring makes us feel stylish and free.

There is nothing like the feeling of starting to wear thin sweaters and light colors on your clothes, but this means that we have to decorate ourselves with accessories. As a consequence, watches will be more visible because the wrist is uncovered.

Therefore, it is good to know the spring trends referring to watches.

As mentioned above, colors always remind of spring and this year will not be different.

The combination of the basics such as black and white and more colorful accessories are a trend per excellence. Pink is the most prominent color along with colors such as blue or brown. This type of watches with bright colors make the look more spring-like according to the season.

Another spring trend that is pushing hard is marble. Marble is a stone that has been used for many years in different products such as tables, mobile phone cases and all kind of accessories. As people are demanding marble as main material of accessories, watch industry is adapting to current trend by introducing watch marble dial in their portfolio. This spring we will see many brands with marble watches, specifically black and white marble.

Last but not least, the trend that will continue this spring is the one of basic silver and gold watches, and specifically rose gold watches. Even they are simple and worn throughout the winter, they will still be a trend during this spring.

Instead of adapting at the trends we are trying to create the new Millner London style. For this reason, you can find in Millner London watches that will make you enjoy spring.


Millner team