Millner Co. Launches its first watch collection in collaboration with Anita Matamoros

Anita Matamoros, the daughter of the famous Spanish ex couple Kiko Matamoros and Makoke, presents  her first watch collection with Millner Co. The watches, which stand out for being elegant and refined, are available in black and rose gold colours and they are a limited edition. For the ones that are interested, you can buy them in our official website:


At first the target was going to be a female audience, but finally the influencer proposed a black watch so men could also have their own. Moreover, the trace from Anita is present in every single detail: from the packaging, which consists in a pink box with her name, to the watch dial, which has her initials inscribed ‘A.M’.


Millner Co., which is constantly improving the quality of its products has made a steel strap following a new technique in order to avoid the colour fading and keep the watches in perfect conditions over time. Furthermore, the company has developed a new closure and has included an extra piece in the box to adjust the size of the watch.


The relationship between the influencer and youtuber with Millner Co. began with the collaborations that Anita published for the brand in her social media. The relationship became so strong that Anita offered us to be the official sponsor of her 18th Birthday party. From that moment, the idea of making a limited edition came up and today we are very proud to announce that this collection is a reality and now is available for everyone in Millner website.


Millner Co. Team