At Millner Co. we've just started a solidarity program against child poverty in Spain carried out by Unidos (a Save the Children collaboration company).

Save the children is a global organization dedicated to children with programs in Spain, is the leading independent organization in defense of children's rights around the world and has been working in Spain for over 20 years with programs to care for the most vulnerable children.

The three key programmes in Spain are:

  • Fight against child poverty
  • Refugee children
  • Violence against children

In Spain, 2,860,091 children live at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

Unidos is a solidarity programme for small and medium-sized enterprises that allows us to join forces in the fight against child poverty in Spain. The main areas of intervention are the prevention of school failure, safe spaces for children, psychosocial care and therapy and material support.

Millner Co. wants to join this initiative to help reduce the plight of thousands of children in Spain so that they can see their present and future situation improved. The vision of Millner Co. is aligned with this program as we want to have an active corporate social responsibility, so there's no better way to do it than collaborating on a project like this.

We do not want to avoid this reality and we believe that together we can create a better world.


Millner Co. Team